Enginfo Consulting s.r.l. gathered the skills acquired, since 1981, from Enginfo (formerly IBM Premier Partner) in Information Communication Technology sector.

It is on the market today in a dual capacity, both as a supplier of traditional ICT Solutions and Services (Technology and Network Infrastructure, ERP, Business Intelligence, Collaboration), both as a provider of specialized software solutions with high innovative contents, related to Consulting Services (“Special Projects”).

Enginfo Consulting has its headquarters in Arzano (NA) and other locations in Italy (Catania and Bari).  The owners of Enginfo Consulting equity stakes in two major national ICT dealers, such as Computer Gross Italia and VAR Group.

Computer Gross

Computer Gross Italy, is a leading national dealer of ICT products and solutions (IBM, HP, Lenovo, Cisco, Microsoft, etc.); it operates throughout the country with a network of specialist dealers.

Computer Gross

VAR Group acts for System Integration and Application Management throughout the national territory through a matrix structure organization, composed of subsidiary companies, each focusing on supply lines.

As a ICT Solutions and Services provider, Enginfo Consulting skills can be divided into

Network Infrastructures

  • Middleware IBM

  • System Management (Tivoli, Tivoli TSM, IBM Director)

  • Server Consolidation and Virtualization

  • ICT Security

  • Voice Over IP (VOIP)

  • Cabling


  • Solutions for manufacturing, services, retail enterprises

  • Organizational and processing consulting

  • Application maintenance

Business Intelligence

  • Solutions for manufacturing, services, retail enterprises

  • Dashboard, Reports,
    Data mining

  • Data analisys consulting


  • WEB portals; Corporate intranets, Document Management; Workflow systems, CRM and Supply Chain Management

With the “Special Projects”, Enginfo Consulting offers the following services/products

Energy Efficiency

Enginfo Consulting offers innovative solutions, in order to support Consultants, Energy Manager, ESCO and Certificators in the analysis of available data, quantify energy costs and absorptions, simulate potential savings, formalize appropriate plans of action to reduce energy consumption. Solutions proposed by Enginfo offer the opportunity to manage customers data consumption, by monitoring, control and optimization of the energy carriers utilization.


Sistema mes

Systems specialized in the elaboration of production plans with finite capacity that take into account the planning of materials (MRP technique) and the availability of productive resources (machines and human resources). The aim is to generate reliable production plans based on the use of optimization algorithms. The system verifies the level of saturation of resources, the progress of production activities, the final data of human resources and machinery.

Internet of Things

Sistemi IOT l'internet delle cose

The Wireless Sensor Networks are composed of sets of devices (sensors) that communicate with each other through wireless MESH technology. The sensors have small size and low cost. They have battery operation, with extreme versatility of application and long runtimes. The Wireless Sensor Networks are used to control and monitor activities and events in many fields of application (safety, environment, construction, energy, logistics, transportation, etc.).

Predictive Maintenance

Manutenzione predittiva per aziende

About the “predictive maintenance” in the industrial sector, Enginfo Consulting offers a range of services (such as vibration analysis, oil analysis, infrared thermography, etc..) which allow the detection of failure in production machines far in advance, getting the optimization of the scheduled maintenance, avoiding the risks of downtime.

For informations: engineering@enginfo.it